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Title: Revenge, A Bittersweet Love

Author: Zoey
Paring: JunChun, JaeHo
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut
Length: Chapter - Ongoing

Summary: One accidents, Two victims. One revenge, Two broken hearts. They both each lost a piece of themselves. One lost the only comfort and love he ever known and had while the other lost the one thing he needed to complete him. What happened when their path crossed and revenged was set? Would love be enough to bring them out of their pain and suffering?

A/N: I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to [livejournal.com profile] dexterka92 for the making such a wonderful poster!!!!!!!!!!

A few months had passed since Changmin had founded out about the connection between the Park and Taemin. Since then Changmin had tried everything in his power to dig up more dirt on Taemin, but surprisingly he came up with nothing. What he did come to with was what he had already known. It frustrated him to no end when he knew there were more than meet the eyes, but he just can’t seem to figure out what.

Changmin had still yet to figure out how the Park had played a role in all of this and what it was exactly that Dr. Han knew enough for him to be kill. He wasn’t the only one frustrated, Changmin knew that. Junsu was also frustrated with the pace of this piece of information. Without these information there was nothing for Junsu to go on and used as his leverage as a part of his plan. The only thing that came out good these past months was that Junsu had finally gained Yoochun’s trust and love.

Since there wasn’t any new lead, Junsu had enough time to actually spend it with Yoochun, showering him with love. It was safe to say that now all Jaejoong and Yunho had trusted Junsu. It was perfect everything that Junsu had planned since the beginning was coming together. Changmin smirked at the thought of what would happen later when they had found out the truth.

“Why are you happy?” Junsu grumbled, walking into his office only to see his best friend and right hand man smirking like an idiot all by himself.

Changmin snapped out of his day dream, waving the familiar color of manila folder back and forth, taunting the already irritated Junsu. “Got something?”

Junsu’s eyes went wide. He snatched the folder from Changmin’s waving hand, earning a sound of protest from his best friend. Junsu ignored him and started to read the contents in the file. Junsu looked up at Changmin once he finished reading the newest information Changmin had gathered. “Are you serious?”

Changmin shrugged, “I thought the same thing, so I had my men checked it out. Sad enough it was the truth.”

“So Uncle is taking his revenge for the person he once loved?”

“I guess, Su” Changmin started; there was one thing we were curious about this newest information. “But I’m curious about something.”


“Taemin was madly in love with this girl, Sang-Hee. But she fell in love with Mr. Park, right?”

Junsu nodded. “Correct. Mr. Park didn’t love her. He fell in love with Mrs. Park and they got married. They had Jaejoong and Yoochun.”

“Right” Changmin said. They both were trying to figure Taemin’s motives and understand his action in the past. “Sang-Hee was depressed that Mr. Park married Mrs. Park and had eventually killed herself.”

“Uncle was furious, so he took revenged on Mr. Park by kidnapping Mrs. Park. He must have paid a lot of money to keep the media and the cops out of this mess.”

“Yeah, getting this information was hard.”

“I’ll bet. Good job on getting these.”

Changmin nodded then he got that looked of confusion on his face again. “Su, looked.” He searched through the documents pointing to one of the date on the confidential documents. “Look at the date.”

“Yeah, so? What are you getting at?”

“All of this happened before Yoochun was born right?” Changmin started to explain what might be the reason Taemin was involved with all of this. Junsu nodded. “When is Yoochun’s birthday?”

Junsu answered without missing a beat. “June 4”

“Look at the date that Mr. Park filed the police report, stating that Taemin raped Mrs. Park.” Changmin continued to explain. “From the month she was raped to the month she gave birth to Yoochun, how many months apart was it?”

Junsu stared at Changmin, his expression unreadable, but Changmin could sensed and see the mixed emotion of angry, hurt, disgust, and love in them. “Yoochun is uncle’s son?”

“It’s a possibility, Su.” Changmin whispered. From Junsu’s reaction, he knew right then that his cold and heartless best friend had fallen in love with the younger man. Yoochun had been able to melt the coldness in Junsu’s heart. But knowing Junsu’s stubbornness and determination, he felt for Yoochun, for what Yoochun had to go through before Junsu, himself, realized and accepted his own feeling. “You know that Taemin is really not your Uncle right? He’s just father’s step brother.”

Hearing Changmin’s words, Junsu snapped. “What is that supposed to mean Changmin?”

Changmin was used to Junsu changing tempers, so he ignored the murderous glared Junsu sent him. “I’m saying it is not wrong for you to love Yoochun in case Yoochun really is Taemin’s son.”

“Why would I care if he is Uncle’s son or not and who say I love Yoochun?” Junsu screamed angrily. “The only thing Yoochun is useful for me is to get my revenge.”

Changmin sighed, “Whatever you say, Su?”He quickly changed the subjected, hoping to distract his friend from their current dilemma. “So what’s the next step of your plan?”

Junsu mood changed drastically. He smirked, and Changmin visibly winced from the iciness that radiated from Junsu. “Tell me Minnie, what do you think about me asking him to move in with me?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think. You’re just going to do it anyway.” Changmin stated truthfully.

“You know me so well, Minnie.” Junsu laughed. “By the way I want to know who Yoochun’s biological father is.”

“Yes, Boss.”


Yoochun quickly finished up his work, tidying up his work area. He glanced at the huge red clock on the wall and noticed he had only five minutes until Junsu would be here to pick him up. Throwing the last piece of trash in the bin, Yoochun stripped out of his apron and ran through the now less busy kitchen of Paradiso, giving Yunho a kiss on the cheek on his way out.

“Be careful!” Yunho yelled.

Yoochun turned around and flashed Yunho one of his cheeky smiled and signed in a fast pace. ‘Always, Yunnie-Bear.’

Just as Yoochun was out of the restaurant’s door, he was yanked back by none other than his one and only big brother. Jaejoong scolded, “Not happening! How many times have I told you to wait inside the restaurant?”

Yoochun scowled lightly, but turned and gave his big brother one of his best puppy eyes and pout, he could muster. ‘I’m sorry?’

“Save it, Bunny. Those do not work on me.” Jaejoong scoffed, but a smile on his face indicated he was anything, but angry. “You can wait for him inside the restaurant, Chunnie. You can see his car from inside too, you know?”

Yoochun’s lips jutting out even more, if that was possible. ‘Fine.’

“You know how worry I am about you being alone.” Jaejoong whispered, drawing him into a hug. “Beside, Yunnie will have my head if you were hurt.” Yoochun slapped his arms, causing Jaejoong to laugh.


Jaejoong waved him off, before Yoochun could say anything further. “I know. I Know. Junsu called me earlier; he said you will be staying the night with him.”

Yoochun huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier, if you already knew?’

“Because I like to tease you, Bunny.” Jaejoong said, pinching Yoochun’s apple cheeks making Yoochun scrunched up his face and slapped Jaejoong blindly. The older man just laughed, kissing his brother nose affectionately.

A honk interrupted their little ruffled, signaling that Junsu was here. Jaejoong pulled away from Yoochun, pushing the younger man toward door. “I have plan with, Yunnie, so you can stay with Junsu for the weekend.”

Yoochun stuck his tongue out at his brother. ‘Don’t hurt my bear too much.’

Yoochun squealed as he dodged the napkins flew his way courtesy of Jaejoong.

Seating himself into Junsu’s sport car and pulling on the seat belt, Yoochun was surprised when he looked up only to have Junsu’s soft lips enclosed over his own. Yoochun let out a soundless moan as their kiss deepened. Junsu took this opportunity to tangle his tongue with Yoochun’s own. Wrapping his arms around Junsu’s neck, Yoochun lost himself into the kiss. Junsu pulled back slightly, nibbling and sucking on Yoochun’s lower lips. He grinned staring at Yoochun’s now swollen red lips.

Nuzzling his nose affectively against one of Yoochun’s plump cheeks, he whispered. “I miss you, baby.”

Yoochun giggled, placing butterfly kisses along Junsu’s jaw line. ‘I know I miss you too.’

In truth, they hadn’t seen in each other in over a week. A small company that Junsu was partner with was acting out in Japan, as a result Junsu and Changmin had to fly over and dealt with them. How? Yoochun didn’t know and he preferred it that way. Tonight was the first time they had seen each other in over a week, and he was glad that he was able to spend the weekend with his boyfriend.

‘Is everything all right in Japan?’ Yoochun signed, as Junsu pulled away from the restaurant.

Junsu’s right hand reached over and took of Yoochun’s smaller one, weaving their fingers together. He gave it a soft squeezed.

Junsu gave him a smirked and replied. “Of course, baby. I have to teach them a lesson for messing with me, Kim Junsu.”

Yoochun frowned at Junsu’s answer. He wanted to ask Junsu, if the older man would hurt him too, if he were too hurt him, but Yoochun didn’t. He already knew the answer long before, and he never wanted to anger Junsu ever again. Yoochun shivered when he thought back when he had driven Junsu’s car.

“Are you cold?”Junsu noticed the shivered, and asked. “Are you sick, baby?”

‘I’m fine, Su.’ Yoochun signed, gently squeezing back on to their still joint hand. ‘Where are we going?’

“My house. I have something that I want to ask you.” Junsu said with a teasing grin.

Yoochun perked up, ‘A surprise?’

Junsu laughed, leaning over to give Yoochun’s a short kiss. “You have gonna have to wait and see, babe.”

Yoochun smiled and leaned back into his seat, patiently waiting for whatever it was that Junsu wanted to ask him.

[Chapter 16]

A/N: I apologize if this chapter seem short, but the next one is almost finish, so I'll post that really soon.....Please enjoy reading and cooment are really love and appreciate.
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