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Title: Coffee
Author: Zoey
Pairing: JunChun
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Length: OneShot
Summary: Yoochun is pregnant and addicted to coffee.

Glancing left and right around the corner of the hallway, Yoochun gave out a sigh of relief when he didn’t spot his husband anywhere near the kitchen and their living room area. Yoochun gave out a small squealed as he hurried his way into the kitchen and help himself for a fresh cup of coffee.
Ever since Junsu and Yoochun had found out the caused to Yoochun’s recently changing mood swing was because Yoochun was pregnant. Junsu had forbid Yoochun to drink coffee for the rest of his pregnancy, fearing that the caffeine could cause a side effect to their unborn child despite the doctor’s order saying it was all right to drink coffee. Let’s just said Yoochun was even moodier when he found out he could no longer enjoy his daily doses of coffee.
So far the three months pregnant man had been sober (from the coffee) for almost three months now, with Junsu watching his every move and stopping Yoochun whenever he tried to sneak in a sip of the warm, bitter yet sweet beverage. However, today was different from any other day. Yoochun woke up to find that Junsu had long woken up and his side of the bed was now cold. Shrugging it off figuring that Junsu might be heading to work early as his husband sometime does, Yoochun carried on his morning routine undisturbed.
Cradling the warm mug in his hands, Yoochun brought the cup closer inhaling the sweet aroma of the freshly brew coffee. Yoochun opened his watering mouth as he brought the mug closer, so he could taste the sweet bitter of the piping hot beverage. Just as his mouth was about to made contact with the warm ceramic mug, a warm hand shot out blocking his mouth from tasting the delicious drink.
“You naughty, Bunny.” Junsu whispered against his neck. His soft warm breath sent a shiver down Yoochun’s spine. “What did I tell you about drinking coffee while being pregnant?”
“Ummm….not to drink?”
“Then what are you doing, Bunny?” Junsu asked, turning his spouse around.
Yoochun quickly covered his intension. “I’m not drinking! I was just…just taking a sip.”
“A sip?” Junsu asked, eyebrow rose in question.
Yoochun smiled, nodding his head along with it. “Yes. Yes. I was making it for you. I was about to take a sip to see whether I had made it to your liking.”
“Oh, really?”
“Of course.” Yoochun replied innocently.
“You do know the consequence of drinking coffee, don’t you?” Junsu smirked, taking the mug away from his husband as he made his way to the couch in their living room.
Yoochun stared at his husband in horror. “But…but I haven’t even taken a sip! You came in before I could.” Yoochun slapped his hands over his mouth as the words slipped out.
“AH-HA!” Junsu pointed out. “See, you admit it. Tsk…tsk…Bunny I’m so disappoint in you. I hope you remember our deal.”
“Su-ah!!!!” Yoochun followed Junsu into the living room with a loud whined. “NO!!!! Please!!!! I didn’t drink it yet. Please!”
“Nope.” Junsu bit his lips to keep from grinning at the adorable site of his husband pouting. “Remember our deal? You go anywhere near coffee, no sex for a week.”
Yoochun pouted deepen if that was possible. “Please! Just this one time.”
“But I’m horny!!!!” Yoochun pointed down to the noticeable tented in his pajama bottom.
Junsu drank the warm coffee to stifle his chuckled at Yoochun’s expression and action. “Yeah, I can see that. But a deal is a deal, Bunny.” Junsu shrugged nonchalantly.
“Hpmh…” Yoochun grumbled. “Fine, if you not going to take care of it, then I’m going to have a nice warm bath and a little fun with that waterproof vibrator.” With that Yoochun half waddled half ran into their shared bedroom, locking the door in the process.
Junsu sat stunned; as soon as the words sink he quickly dashed after his lover, only to find the door slammed shut in his face, followed by the familiar clicked of the lock.
“Bunny-ah!!!” Junsu pounded on the wooden door. “Open the door. Come on, Baby, you can’t be as satisfying with that toy as I was the one to pleasure you! Let me in, please!”
A loud muffle shouted could be heard through the door. “NO!”
Yoochun giggled behind the door as he listened to his husband rambling about finding the key to their bedroom.

A/N: Fail? Anyway I took a break from writing "Revenge, A Bittersweet Love" (Yes Yes it will be posted soon) to actual write this...Forgive me if this fail. I wrote this in like an hour. Please do comment......
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