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Title: Smile
Author: Zoey
Pairing: JunChun
Genre: Fluff
Rating: NC-17
Length: Drabble
Summary: The reason for Yoochun’s smile at Suvarnabhumi Airport (The airport in Bangkok).

“Why can’t you come with?” Yoochun whined as he buried himself deeper into the comfort of Junsu’s embrace.

Junsu chuckled. “You know why, Bunny. What would the fan say if they noticed I was there?”

“That they’re right?” Yoochun asked instead of stating the very obvious fact.

“They are not right.” Junsu stated as he nipped at the back of Yoochun’s neck. Knowing the affect it had on the older man. “YooSu is not real. JunChun is. If you are still confused whether we are YooSu or JunChun, then I guess I have to prove to you once again which one is real.”

Yoochun groaned at the sensation. “Yes, please.”

Junsu growled against his ears, the sound sending shiver down Yoochun’s spine. Nudging Yoochun’s leg with his, Yoochun moaned and willingly lifted his right leg and draped it back over Junsu as the younger man shifted and direct his harden cock to Yoochun’s loosen hole once more.

Yoochun sighed as Junsu slipped inside him with an agonized pace. “Su-ah.”

“What, Bunny?” Junsu groaned at the tightness.  

“My…my flight…” Yoochun moaned.

Junsu glanced at the clock, and continue to torture Yoochun with his slow, but powerful thrust. “I got plenty of times to please you.”

Yoochun groaned and shivered as his pleasure spot was struck. “Faster.”

“Nope.” Junsu denied. “I want to take my time with you.”

Yoochun’s eyes rolled back at his lover answer.

Oh My God! This is the best good bye he had ever given me.

Later that afternoon many fans in both Korea and Thailand waiting at the airport could see how happy Yoochun was. It was all thanks to Junsu.

A/N: When I saw Yoochun's airport pictures today, this idea pop into my head while I wasdriving back hime. I couldn't resist, so I wrote this in like 30 minutes. Forgive me if it's not that good. Comments are love.

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