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Title: Dong Bang’s Little Family
Pairing: JaeChunSu, HoMin
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Implied Smut
Rating: NC-17
Length: Drabble
Summary: Their family have unexpected increase, what will they do.

Dedicated To: [info]chocolick and [info]yoliheartsu

“Changmin!” Yunho pleaded as he slumped down against the locked bathroom door. “Please, let me in. Minnie, you can’t hide in there forever.”
“GO AWAY!” A muffle replied was heard through the thick wooden door. “I HATE YOU!”
“Minnie-ah, you don’t mean that.”
“Yes, I do!” Changmin huffed angrily. “Stupid, Yunho.”
“Please come out, Minnie-ah!” Yunho begged. “I bought you some delicious ramen. I know you are hungry.”
Changmin’s stomach grumbled a little at the mention of food, but still he refused to give into Yunho. “I’m..I’m not hungry!”
Yunho pouted. “If you’re not hungry, then please think about our baby. He/she needs to eat, you know.”
Changmin bit his lips in frustration. He palmed his still flat stomach tenderly, thinking about what Yunho said. Giving out a defeated sighed he unlocked the door only to be met with Yunho’s pouty face and puppy dogs eyes.  
“I’m still mad at you.” Changmin mumbled, but allowed the older man to hug him nonetheless. “I can’t believe you got me pregnant. What are we going to tell the others?”
Yunho grinned before placing a kiss on his lover’s lips. “That we manage to have our own HoMin’s kid before them.”
Changmin swatted the older man with a giggled. “You dork!”
“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” Yoochun screamed at his two lovers. “PREGNANT! I’M PREGANT!”
“Bunny.” Jaejoong began, pulling his overreacted lover to the softness of their shared bed. “It’s ok. Everything will be ok.”
Junsu leaned into to place a soft gentle kiss against Yoochun’s temple as the older man snuggled closer to Jaejoong. His earlier outburst draining him of his energy. Pregnancy was really a bitch. “You shouldn’t be so surprised, Bunny-ah.” Junsu started, a familiar twinkled shone in his brown eyes. “We did stop using condoms years ago. I’m just surprised that you just got pregnant now instead of earlier.”
Jaejoong laughed as Yoochun pouted and blushed. “Still, we can’t even tell who this kid belong to.”
“Do you really care about that, Bunny?” Jaejoong asked, faced buried against the side of Yoochun’s neck.
“Not really.” Yoochun admitted, eyes shutting in uttered bliss as Jaejoong began to nibble along his neck and shoulder. “It’s just that…” Yoochun trailed off as a particular sensitive spot was abused.
“Just what, Bunny?” Junsu asked, joining Jaejoong in bringing Yoochun pleasure. Their Bunny did deserved a reward after all.
“I wonder what Yunho and Changmin would said when they found out.” Yoochun breathed as both Jaejoong and Junsu were too engrossed in placing kisses after kisses along his now slim body.
“Don’t you worry, my dear.” Jaejoong mumbled as his lips found the sensitive spot on Yoochun’s stomach.
Yoochun moaned and arched his back at the sensation. “W…Wh….”
“Let’s not think about that right now.” Junsu said, his lips just a mere inches away from Yoochun’s left nipple. Jaejoong’s usual warm brown eyes were now filled with lust as he held a silent conversation with Junsu. With a nod, both Junsu and Jaejoong trailed their kisses down south to the very noticeable tented in Yoochun’s jeans. “All you need to worry right now, Bunny.”
“Is to relax and let us pleasure you.” Jaejoong finished.
Any response Yoochun had died in his throat as he felt his lovers and mouth bringing him closer to orgasm. His mouth parted in a silent moaned as he felt one of his lover mouths engulfed the tip of his cock, lightly sucking at the pre-cum oozed at the slit. Yoochun’s eyes fluttered shut as he gave into the pleasure his boyfriends provided. He could worry about everything else later.
“Yunho-ah! Changmin-ah!” Junsu shouted excitedly into the phone that Yoochun was holding. His body was comfortable squished by his two protective lovers. “We have some great news to share!”
“Really?” Yunho replied. “Us too! You guys go first then.”
Jaejoong took over and moved the phone closer to him. “Bunny-ah is pregnant!”
A gasped could be heard through the phone. “That’s impossible!” Yunho screeched.
“What? Why not?” Jaejoong asked a little irritated at Yunho’s responded.  
“Because Minnie is also pregnant.” Yunho wailed. “How can Yoochun be pregnant at the same time as Minnie?”
“Well with the rate these two were going, I’m surprised that I wasn’t before.” Yoochun mumbled, earning a soft snickered from both of his lovers.
“Why are you so surprise, Yunho-ah?” Changmin voice carried through the phone. “With the way Yoochun is glowing these days, I’m not even a bit surprised that he was knocked up.”
“Hey!” Yoochun pouted. “I am not glowing. Who are you to talk? You practically are walking on cloud nine!”
“I AM NOT!” Changmin retorted.
Both Yunho and Jaejoong clicked the phone shut simultaneously before any argument could start between the two pregnant men. Each tended to their own lover, in the end it didn’t matter who got pregnant first. What matter was that their family had grown and all of them couldn’t have been happier.

A/N: This is the result of my conversation between [livejournal.com profile] chocolick and [livejournal.com profile] yoliheartsu in twiiter....We have all agree that lately Yoochun and Changmin had been practically glowing lately in all their photos...The reason well it's obvious, Changmin was thoroughly being pleasure by yunho while JaeSu is trolling Yoochun...LOL....Anyway as most of you who are familar with my writing know that until today all of my writing had only been JunChun...So thanks to these two [info]chocolick and [info]yoliheartsu that now I have begin to write another paiting...Please do comment and forgive me if it major fail since this is my first time wrting other paring beside JunChun and i wrote this in like an hour....<3

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