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Title: Revenge, A Bittersweet Love
Author: Zoey
Paring: JunChun, JaeHo
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut
Length: Chapter - Ongoing

Summary: One accidents, Two victims. One revenge, Two broken hearts. They both each lost a piece of themselves. One lost the only comfort and love he ever known and had while the other lost the one thing he needed to complete him. What happened when their path crossed and revenged was set? Would love be enough to bring them out of their pain and suffering?

A/N: I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to [info]dexterka92 for the making such a wonderful poster!!!!!!!!!!

Parking his car in front of the old abandon warehouse that was located just outside of Seoul, Taemin stepped out of the car, eyes nervously scanning his surrounding for anything out of the ordinary deserted warehouse. Deeming that the area was secluded, he walked into the warehouse where he knew Bae was waiting for his arrival.

“Boss.” Bae bowed.

Taemin waved him off in annoyance. He was restless ever since he had heard that Yoochun and Junsu were now living together and officially a couple. His mind kept wondering whether Junsu had found out his secret or not ran in his mind constantly. He didn’t trust his nephew. He never did, but that fact that now he was together with Yoochun, his Yoochun, was very unsettling. This was why he need to change his plan.

“Cancel everything I ever asked you to do.” Taemin barked.

Bae made a move to protest, but with one look from his boss he kept his mouth shut. He knew that the fact that the young master and Junsu-shii being together was ruining everything they had plan for.

“Until I said anything further, I want you to stop following Yoochun.” Taemin decided. He had a better job for Bae. A very important one. “Instead I want you to find that woman. Dr Jeng. I want her found. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Boss.”

“I want her found. I want all of the information she knew about Yoochun.” Taemin ordered. “And I want those information before Junsu. Understand?”

“Yes, Boss.” Bae nodded in understanding. “What do you want done after I received the information?”

Taemin smirked at his close man and said. “I want her gone, just like her lover.”

“Consider it done, Boss.”

“BUT” Taemin continued. “Before you dispose her, I want the result of Yoochun’s DNA test. Got it? I want those copies in my hand. I want proof, Bae.”

 “You got it, Boss. I won’t let you down.”

Taemin nodded. “Good. In the mean time, I’m going to see what my nephew’s intension really is.”


“So this is the famous Paradiso Restaurant that I’ve heard so much about.” Taemin mumbled to himself as he stepped into the almost empty restaurant. He had purposely chosen to come down to the restaurant after lunch. He only wanted to stir things up, not ruined everything that he had planned for.

Seeing a customer, Jaejoong hurriedly seated the customer calling one of his waiters to further service the man and took his order.

“Are you the owner?” Taemin asked before Jaejoong could step away and let his employee took over.

“Yes, how can I help?”

“Nothing really, it’s just that I have heard so much praise about this restaurant that I decided to come and have a taste of my own. I heard that your dessert is to die for.” Taemin said casually. “After my meal, I would like to meet the pastry chef. That is if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, sir.” Jaejoong replied with a smile on his face. He felt proud of Yoochun. “I will personally escort him out after you finish your meal.”

Taemin was impressed with the quality of the meal and the richness of its flavor. And the dessert. God, the dessert was delicious. It tasted just like heaven. He was so proud. He didn’t think that his Yoochun could bake something so delicious.

Just as Jaejoong had promised, after his meal Jaejoong approached his table with none other than Yoochun. Jaejoong introduced him and explain about Yoochun’s condition. After their little introduction, Taemin began light talked with the brothers.

Glancing at his watch, Changmin smiled it was around two in the afternoon. The perfect timing to be having lunch at Paradiso. He constantly stop by to have his lunch here, but he hated the lunch hour crowd, so he usually stop by after everyone else had return back to work. Turning around the corner, Changmin glanced in at the now empty restaurant. His eyes caught Yoochun and Jaejoong talking animatedly with a guest. He nearly tripped over his own feet when he realized that the guest the two brothers were talking to was Taemin.

Changmin brow furrowed in fear and confusion, his mind a jumbled mess. Did he miss something? Was the information he gather for Junsu wrong? Could it possibly be that Yoochun knew all along who his biological father was? Taking a deep breath, Changmin calmly watched the trio talked, taking in the smile that was adorned on Yoochun’s face. After several minutes passed, Changmin turned around heading right back to where he had just left. Junsu’s office.

Taemin smirked. He had predicted that Changmin would be stopping by the restaurant around this time of day, and he was right. He wanted to see once and for all what Junsu’s intension with Yoochun was. He had planned to be here at the restaurant speaking with the brothers in hope that Changmin would see them and reported back to Junsu. He was right. Changmin was falling right into his trap. Now all he had to do was waited.


“JUNSU!” Changmin burst into Junsu’s office startling the older man from his work. “I….SHIT!....I…..”

He began to pace nervously, mumbling things to himself.

“WHAT THE FUCK, CHANGMIN?” Junsu shouted out in raged, slamming his hands down on his table. “STOP PACING AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN.”

Changmin bit his lips, but did as he was told. “GOD, please don’t let me fuck this up.” He groaned inwardly.

“Explain.” Junsu ordered, his voice cold. A clear sign that he was pissed.

“I…..I just came back from Paradiso….and ummm….” Changmin stammered.

“Spit it out, Min.”

“I saw Taemin talking to both Yoochun and Jaejoong in the restaurant.” Changmin blurted. “I…..I might be wrong, Su.” He whispered the last part out, eyes on the floor.

He winced when he heard a screeching noise off Junsu’s chair making contact with the wooden floor. Changmin prepared himself for the blow that he was sure Junsu would deliver to him as he had to many of his men when they failed him. He snapped his eyes opened when the expected blow didn’t made contact with his skin, but rather Junsu’s warm hands on his knees as the older man knelt down in front of him.

“Changmin-ah.” Junsu spoke softly and calmly to the one man he loved as his own brother. “Take a deep breath.”

Changmin stared into Junsu’s eyes. It wasn’t raging with fury like he expected the older man to be; however, those tear drop shaped brown eyes were filled with love and concern. Changmin felt guilty thinking that Junsu could have ever hit him. He complied with the older man wished and took a deep breath.

“Good.” Junsu cracked a small smile, see the younger man relaxed. “Now calmly and slowly explain to me what happened.”

Changmin recalled what he had seen earlier downstairs at the restaurant, and calmly explained everything from Taemin talking with the brothers to the expression he saw on Yoochun’s face during the conversation. Now it was Junsu who roamed and paced in his office anxiously as he tried to process the information Changmin had just relayed to him.

After much consideration, Junsu plopped down in the chair opposite of Changmin. “OK, there are two possibilities to what you saw.”

Changmin waited, the fire in Junsu’s eyes was back. Even if they don’t know for sure if Yoochun and Taemin had met before, Changmin felt sorry for Yoochun. He knew the other man didn’t deserve the treatment he would definitely receive from Junsu tonight. There was no way he could stop Junsu, all he could do was prayed that Junsu knew what he was doing before he ended up hurting himself and Yoochun.

“First, Yoochun and Jaejoong could be lying to us all this time. We are playing with them, and vice versa.” Junsu listed the possibilities. “Second, Yoochun had no idea who Taemin is at all. Taemin could be using Yoochun to stir something up.”

“You’re right. We have no way of telling whether Yoochun is playing with us or Taemin is.”

“Don’t you worry about Yoochun, I’ll take care of him.” Junsu stated in a firm voiced. “What I want you to do is continue to search for Dr. Jeng. Find her, Minnie before Taemin’s men does. BUT I don’t want you involve, OK? Get someone else to do the dirty deeds.”


“I think Taemin might be on to us. Dig deeper; see if Taemin had any close men following Yoochun.”


“Who was that man that you were talking to earlier?” Yunho asked, while they were cleaning up for the night.

Jaejoong pondered about who his boyfriend was talking about. “Who?”

Yunho rolled his eyes at his oblivious boyfriend. “The man you and Chunnie were talking to.”

“Oh! Him?” Jaejoong exclaimed as he remembered the said man. “His name is Taemin.”

“What did you guys talked about? You guys were talking for a long time.” Yunho asked curiously. There was something about the man that made Yunho uneasy.

“He was asking about Yoochun. He said he was a big fan of Yoochun’s dessert.” Jaejoong babbled on. His voice was so full of pride. He was proud of his baby brother. “Our Bunny is so famous!”

“Joongie?” Yunho bit his lips. The worry was clearly evidence on his face.

Turning to the soft murmuring sound of his lover, Jaejoong immediately dropped the wash cloth in his hand and rushed right over. The concern was obvious in Yunho’s eyes. The love he had for the younger man was equally as much as Jaejoong, sometimes even more.

“Yunnie?” Jaejoong cradled his boyfriend close to his chest. “What’s the matter?” 

“When the two of you were talking to Taemin-shii, I was watching.” Yunho began. “The way he looked and stared at Chunnie, there was something there. Something that made me feels so uneasy.”

“I noticed that he stared at Chunnie a lot too.” Jaejoong recalled their conversation. “Yunnie, now that I think about it. There is something familiar about him. It’s as if I had seen him somewhere before.”

Yunho wiggled himself free and turned himself to face his lover. “You seen him before?”

Jaejoong squinted his eyes in thought. “I think so. I’m not sure when, but I’m positive I’ve seen him before. I just can’t remember when and where I seen him.”


“Baby?” Junsu called out to his boyfriend once he set foot in their bedroom.

Ever since his conversation with Changmin earlier today, Junsu was battling with himself. His mind was screaming for him to do whatever it was necessary to get Yoochun to talk. His heart; however, was begging for him to end everything before it got even uglier. He really truly loved Yoochun, and he didn’t want to cause the younger man pain. In the end, with just a quick glanced to his family portrait placed on his desk was enough for Junsu to made up his mind.

Yoochun poked his head out of the bathroom, hair adorably tousled from his recent shower. He smiled widely when he saw Junsu. ‘Susu’

Ignoring the endearing nickname, Junsu stalked over to the still smiling young man and forcefully dragged Yoochun by his wrist before flinging across the room. Yoochun visibly winced as his body crashed against the foot of the bed. Not willing to wait, Junsu began to shake Yoochun violently. “Who were you talking to at the restaurant?”

Yoochun stared at Junsu with wide terrified eyes. He had no idea what he had done that had made the older man so angry. He tried to lift his arms from Junsu’s deadly gripped, but the gripped Junsu had on Yoochun’s shoulder was excruciating that Yoochun could only mouthed the answer to his fuming boyfriend. ‘Wh…who?’

Not one for being patience, Junsu snapped his left hand back and before he could realize what he had done. The said hand had already made contact against Yoochun’s white cheek. The blow itself was so forceful that it sent Yoochun tumbling back on the floor.

“Don’t fucking play dumb with me, Yoochun!” Junsu roared, advancing closer to the shivering form of his lover. “Changmin saw you and Jaejoong talking to a man this afternoon. Who is he?”


“I…I…What?” Junsu reached out and yanked Yoochun up by his hair, bringing the younger man closer. Tears spilled out from Yoochun’s eyes at how angry and upset Junsu was with him. “Spit it out already.”

‘He…he said his name was Taemin.’

“What were you doing with him?”

‘I…we were…we were just talking.’

“Talking? Just talking?” Junsu chuckled. “Remember when you drove my car, Baby.”

Yoochun nodded, wincing slightly at the tight gripped on his hair. ‘Yes.’

Junsu smirked. “Good. Tonight I will show you what will happen again if you were to talk to this Taemin.”

With that said, Junsu loosen his grip on Yoochun’s hair only to slammed Yoochun’s head against the foot of the bed. Yoochun silently whimpered as pain laced through the right side of his head. He could feel blood tickling down to his neck. His shivering form began to tremble violently at the sight of blood.

“It’s just a little blood, Baby.” Junsu mocked.

That was the last words he heard before all sounds was replaced by the stinging slapped of skin against skin. His scream of pain went unheard. It was so easy to hurt Yoochun for as not a sound would ever escaped passed his lips.

[Chapter 19]

A/N: At first I didn't want to post the scene with Junsu and Yoochun in until the next chapter, but since I have been giving out a little teaser in Twitter many of you have whined and basically begged (LOL) for me to post that part. So here it is. I had orginally planned to finish it by the end of January, but unfortunately it went on longer than I intend it to be, so be patient with me. I haven't had the time to edit and reread this chapter. Forgive me if there are any errors, typos, and vice versa...One last thing....Please Please Pleae comment.

Date: 2012-02-01 09:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] killboredom.livejournal.com
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Date: 2012-02-01 09:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nuhcuys.livejournal.com
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From: [identity profile] ztarplay.livejournal.com
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This is getting angsty... dramatic... I like it.

Date: 2012-02-01 11:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] renaijang84.livejournal.com
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From: [identity profile] hangsanchunchun.livejournal.com
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And...it seems like still complicated to me... Maybe it's because of late updating T.T i have to go over then
So, everything turn from Su'revenge for his parent into...what? A dramatic family war between uncle and nephew O.O
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Date: 2012-02-01 06:06 pm (UTC)
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Thanks for the update dear- hope this means you're doing good. Look forward to the next chapter ^^

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From: [identity profile] yoosuu2.livejournal.com



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Date: 2012-02-02 05:55 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] sheilapiglet.livejournal.com
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but I feel so bad for YC...I can't imagine this story having a happy JunChun ending...I can't forgive JS for all the things he's done to YC....I just hope that this is as far as it goes and JS will find out the truth soon...I want him to feel sooooo guilty...please don't keep us waiting again...looking forward to your next chapter!=)

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note for your fic - please be careful of your english. i'm guessing it's not your first language. :)

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lol....how about i update a chapter and you update one of yours....i've been dying to read more from you too bb....


Date: 2012-09-02 05:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] babygirladdy.livejournal.com
this one isn't on hiatus, is it? It feels like it's been forever since it was updated.. like 6 months at least T.T I really like the story though it stays in my mind enough to keep checking back occasionally on my own without even a reminder LOL Hopefully you'll continue it ^^

Date: 2012-09-03 02:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zoeybunnygals.livejournal.com
No, it isn't on hiatus...I'm just really busy with work that I decide to finish the fic first before I decided to post all the Chapters at once....Thank you though for still continuously checking up for update!!!


Date: 2012-11-09 08:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] babygirladdy.livejournal.com
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Date: 2013-10-07 04:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zoeybunnygals.livejournal.com
I will updates...it coming soon i promise

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From: [identity profile] zoeybunnygals.livejournal.com
I will....actually I'm writing new fic too....I see you update something...I can't to read it...

thank you


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